Love your Cat & your Carpet!

This is Bear; she was our family cat for an amazing 20 years! We were so fortunate to have a loving cat that never messed the carpet, though she may have clawed a sofa or two… A nearby cardboard scratch pad, & clear packaging tape on the corner edges of the sofa resolved the clawing issue; a blanket hung over the sofa arms hid the fix…

However, many of our clients have loving cats that refuse to use their litter box. If this is you, we know how difficult it can be & hope that some of these 10 tips work for you:

  1. Have a Vet check the cat for an underlying medical issue… cat may have a UTI
  2. Meanwhile, use puppy pee pads in the problem areas and around the litter box
  3. Keep litter box & surrounding area clean. Try changing the kind of litter (to crystal or clay)… texture & scent may matter, or some litters leave cat’s feet wet
  4. Experiment with styles of cat litter boxes by adding a second box… some cats don’t like their tail trapped inside so use a short or tall box without a lid
  5. Try a natural calming additive on fur, or in food/water, but be consistent for results… when leaving home, sprinkle a cat sized box with cat nip & toys
  6. Regular play time! Drag an old shoe string/ yarn for your cat to stalk & chase
  7. Cats love non-toxic house plants. Cat grass is made to eat and soothes digestion
  8. Cats need a safe perch, high up, preferably by a window… shelving or “cat tree”
  9. Think “outside of the box” stimulate your cat daily… bird videos, classical music
  10. Call Petersen’s Carpet Care with Rotosteam & Organics for regular cleanings

We know it’s a difficult fix for some cats, but we hope any of these tips help… Thank you for taking time, effort, and consideration to help your cat be happy & healthy!

*Disclaimer: we’re not cat experts, but have 30+ years experience with cat owners 🙂


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