Thirty Days until Spring 2019!

The days are stretching slightly longer as we approach the final thirty days of winter. Mark your calendar as Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, February 10th 2019. “Spring Forward” and set your clocks an hour later. So if you’re up at 2am on Sunday, swiftly change to 3am. If you wake up at 7am then roll the clock over to 8am. Or it may be best to just set your clock Saturday night before bed so you’re ready for the change Sunday.

The official start of Spring begins Wednesday, March 20th 2019. With warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight, cleaning season will soon be underway. The accumulation of winter soil on the carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture will also need deep cleaning restoration. For more vibrant colors, softer textures, and better fresh air breathing, call and make your Spring Cleaning appointment with Petersen’s Carpet Care featuring Organic Compounds, and Rotosteam Restoration & Extraction (562) 233-6382

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