Thirty Days until Spring 2019!

The days are stretching slightly longer as we approach the final thirty days of winter. Mark your calendar as Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, February 10th 2019. “Spring Forward” and set your clocks an hour later. So if you’re up at 2am on Sunday, swiftly change to 3am. If you wake up at 7am then…

Happy Independence Day!

United We Stand! Thank you to everyone who has supported our business over the last 30 years. We are proud to serve Long Beach and neighbors with care and integrity. To all you Yelpers, Angie’s folks, Googlers, Phone Book Patrons, and Family/ Friend referrals, you’ve helped make us one of the best in our local…

What’s lurking in your carpet?

This image was taken after Petersen’s Carpet Care cleaned the carpet in a rental unit. The carpet had been just “cleaned” using the standard metal wand and smelly chemicals that most carpet cleaners still use. As you can see, Petersen’s powerful RotoSteam Restoration System cleans up what other systems leave behind. The rotary jet injection…

Love your Cat & your Carpet!

This is Bear; she was our family cat for an amazing 20 years! We were so fortunate to have a loving cat that never messed the carpet, though she may have clawed a sofa or two… A nearby cardboard scratch pad, & clear packaging tape on the corner edges of the sofa resolved the clawing…

Holidays Ahead

While planning ahead, call for your cleaning appointment today! Need to freshen the house before the guests arrive? Or do you prefer to clean up after they’ve gone home? Petersen’s Carpet Care is happy to help ease Holiday planning. How about having guests stay over? We clean mattresses, throw pillows, and upholstered dining room chairs….

People Love Us on Yelp!

Petersen’s Carpet Care is a Long Beach family owned and operated business since 1985. We love helping folks clean their carpet, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout. People love us on Yelp! We’re Top Rated in Long Beach & A+ Rated on Angie’s List.

Organic Compounds

Petersen’s cares about the environment so we proudly use Organic Compounds. With no APEO toxins or phosphates, our cleaning is friendly for children, pets, and the ocean.

Think Outside the Box

Unlike other companies who come to “splash & dash” we take care of our customers and ensure satisfaction. We offer affordable prices to help folks maintain a healthy and happy cleaning regimen.

RotoSteam Clean!

Petersen’s specializes with RotoSteam Restoration & Organic Compounds. With a powerful Truckmount engine or portable machine, we heat 220 degree sanitary steam combined with an Organic Fiber Rinse. Our machine injects the steam as it spins, cleaning 360 degrees around each carpet fiber and all the way down to the canvass backing! An Extraction Vacuum…