National Pet Appreciation Day 2019

Every day is appreciated when you have pets because they become a part of your family. Think of how your dog makes you smile when you’re down, or how you cat makes you laugh when you’re trying to be serious. Pet are special creatures to many Americans. They bring life into our lives and homes, some for decades, and fond memories as well.

That’s why Petersen’s Carpet Care specializes with and the nation’s top Organic Compounds, which contain no Phosphates or APEO toxins, which are commonly used in cleaning chemicals, detergents, and textiles. These are terrible to biodegrade, disruptive to hormones that affect growth, and toxic to aquatic organisms (

Do not settle for chemicals when cleaning your carpet and upholstery, as our kids and pets love clean carpet and fabric to crawl or sit, play, and rest. Show your whole family appreciation with a cleaning to enjoy together everyday.  We thank you and your pets for choosing Petersen’s Carpet Care RotoSteam Restoration & Organic Compounds.

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